Nikki Yadav Murder: Sahil Gehlot killed his girlfriend, stuffed her in refrigerator

nikki yadav murder

Nikki Yadav Murder: Victim Niki Yadav was killed by live-partner Sahil Gehlot and stuffed in a refrigerator. Even before the case of Aftab Poonawala is not forgotten or closed, yet another case came into the lime-light.

Nikki Yadav, 22 years old girl, was allegedly killed by her live-in partner Sahil Gehlot. He then transported her body to his Dabha and hid her body in the refrigerator. Moreover, Sahil Gehlot, the 24-year-old live in partner of Nikki Yadav married another woman on the the same day in the evening.

cording to the police, Sahil Gehlot said he met Nikki Yadav in January 2018 while studying for the SSC. Niki Yadav, the victim, was preparing for a medical entrance exams in the same region. In February 2018, they both enrolled in separate courses at Galgotiya College in Greater Noida and began living together in a leased house.

The accused and the victim had been living together for few years. She desired to marry Gehlot, but his parents opposed this match. When the victim discovered his intention to marry another lady, she confronted him.

Reportedly, on the night of February 9, Gehlot drove Nikki to the Kashmir Gate area strangled Nikki with a cellphone wire. Around 4.00 AM, Gehlot reached his dhaba and allegedly decided to hide the body inside a freezer.

The event was revealed on February 14, when the victim’s father was unable to contact her and filed a report. Gehlot told police that he killed Yadav on February 9-10 because his family wanted him to marry to a girl of their choice.

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