Love birds in the Kashmir valley dearly effected

love birds

Love birds in the Kashmir valley will surely agree that desperate measures taken by the government has effected them their desperate times  in J&K.

With terror, and violence attacks over the decade in the valley, young couples might have had only the option to have their blossomed only through the messaging apps as they cannot meet outside. The government here plays the villain and separates from them even these bits so happiness.

Romantic relationships were badly hit as the apps have come to a halt from August 5, 2019 – the day Article 370 was abrogated by the center. Kashmir which is known as the second most romantic destination in the world, has badly hit the tourism department too because of the internet shut down.

The next option for the Kashmiris was to open VPN (Virtual Private Network). Though it is illegal, still people in Kashmir are using it. Police launched a crackdown over the VPN, because they are not happy with the way the people of Kashmir are using it. VPN is illegal and is often used to propagate ideologies and glorify terror.

The Police are amazed to fin dozens of romantic couples downloading VPN, which shows their desperation to talk to their loved ones and rekindle their romance. It is sad to hear but 220 Firs’ have been lodged against the Kashmiris for accessing social media through VPN.

Sources from Kashmir say that more than three dozen of instances have come to their notice where young boys and girls have downloaded the VPN only to talk to their partners.

The police check the mobile phones of youngsters randomly to see if they have the VPN in their mobile sets, and have found that youngsters have VPN in their mobile sets, and these youngsters plead the policemen that they have been accessing VPN only to chat with their partners and nothing else.

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