Karnataka will witness riots if Congress wins, says Amit Shah

Image: Times of India

Union Home Minister Amit Shah, during his two days in Karnataka, said, “If Congress comes to power in Karnataka, there will be all-time high corruption and will see communal riots in the state.”

Furthermore, he added, if Congress is given a chance, there will be appeasement and family politics all around.

On Tuesday, Amit Shah addressed a public meeting at Terdal in Bangalkot during his two-day tour in Karnataka. He also participated in a road show in Yadgir. According to The Times of India, the minister said If Congress forms a government, the state will slip into reverse gear. He went on to say, Only BJP can lead the state into a new Karnataka.

Furthermore, he said, the assembly election is not simply about selecting an MLA; it is about handing over Karnataka’s future to Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

The election for the 224-member Karnataka legislative assembly will take place on May 10, with results expected on May 13.

Riots in Karnataka if Congress Win: Amit Shah

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