Karnataka: AAP gets fewer votes than NOTA, all its candidates lose deposits.


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After a thumping victory for Congress in the recent Karnataka election, the AAP has failed to leave its mark and gathered only 0.58% votes. This 0.58% vote was quite a little less than what NOTA has actually grabbed.

As per the Karnataka election polls, AAP’s vote share was just 0.58% which was less than that of option NOTA, which got a 0.69% vote share. With this disastrous loss, all the candidates in the party lost their deposits.

Soon after the results, Arvind Kejriwal, AAP national convenor and Delhi CM minimized the party’s poor performance in the elections on Saturday, stating that a time will come when it will win in Karnataka as well.

According to the act, if a candidate fails to receive one-sixth of the total valid votes cast in that constituency, the Election Commission of India seized the candidate’s deposit.

AAP gets fewer votes in Karnataka elections

AAP fielded candidates in 208 of the state’s 224
▪️AAP gets fewer votes than NOTA, all its candidates lose deposit
▪️Only 72 of the 208 AAP candidates polled 1,000 votes or more, Sandeep Vangala tweeted.

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