Kapil Mishra: The Man of the Delhi Riots 2020

kapil mishra

Kapil Mishra , a man who needs no introduction, is supposedly the man behind the Delhi riots, 2020, was born on 13 November 1980, is an Indian politician from Delhi and a former MLA , who represented Karawal Nagar in the Sixth Legislative Assembly of Delhi.

Mishra is the son of Annapurna Mishra, a former Mayor of East Delhi affiliated with the BJP and Rameshwar Mishra “Pankaj”, a former socialist leader, thinker and author.

Kapil Mishra as Activist

He was a co-founder and coordinator of “Youth for Justice”, a youth action group based in New Delhi that works on issues that needed awareness.

He led youth protests on various socio— economic issues, like farmers suicides in various parts of the country and encroachment of the Yamuna river and the famous Jessica Lal murder case.

Voice against Corruption

Kapil Mishra was the man who raised his voice against corruption in Common Wealth games 2010. He protested against the anti-people development approach being practiced by authorities in Common Wealth games 2010.

He camped outside the games village with other members of ‘Youth for Justice’. Mishra was the one who raised his voice inside Delhi Assembly against the exploitation of Yamuna.

He initiated and participated in several protests and fought for the common people and resources, which he always named as ‘Growth and Development’.

Political Career

Kapil Mishra’s voice against corruption made him a prospective member of Aam Admi Party (AAP) as this party had a similar kind of agenda.

Mishra contested the 2015 Delhi Legislative Assembly election and won the election, as the AAP candidate from Karawal Nagar constituency defeating his rival BJP candidate.

He was inducted as a Water Resource Minister in Arvind Kejriwal‘s cabinet of NCT Delhi.

When Kejriwal found that there was lots of corruption in his ministry, he removed him. Kapil Mishra in turn accused Arvind Kejriwal of corruption & sought appointments with the Anti – Corruption Bureau of Delhi, but he could not prove anything against Kejriwal.

Mishra alleged many instances of corruption under Kejriwal’s government but all his efforts went futile as he could not prove his allegations.

Though Mishra was a member and MLA of Aam Aadmi Party(AAP), he supported and shared the stage for Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and also campaigned against his own party AAP in 2019 Indian general election.

MLA Saurabh Bhardwaj brought these anti-party activities to the notice of the Speaker Ram Niwas Goel of Delhi Legislative Assembly. Mishra was disqualified as an MLA of Delhi on grounds of defection and anti-party activities.

Immediately, Kapil Mishra joined BJP in the presence of senior BJP leaders of Delhi Manoj Tiwari, Vijay Goel, Vijender Gupta, Satish Upadhyay and many others.

2020 Delhi Assembly election

He made controversial comments that the Delhi Elections in January 2020,were similar to India versus Pakistan contest. He tweeted, “There will be a contest on Delhi Roads between India and Pakistan on February 8”.

He was issued a show cause notice by the Election Commission of India and imposed a 48-hour campaigning ban on him for his controversial tweets.

Kapil Mishra’s role in North East Delhi riots

On 23 February 2020, Mishra publicly instigated people out in a rally against the anti-CAA protesters, in the presence of the DCP of North East Delhi district, Ved Prakash Surya.

Mishra intimidated the police to remove the protesters and gave an ultimatum to remove them in three days time from Jaffrabad and Chand Bagh areas, else threatened to take matters into his own hands.

Mishra himself posted a video of him threatening the police on Twitter after the rally for which there were violent clashes between the supporters and the people against CAA, within a few hours of Kapil Mishra’s rally.

Relatives of the people who died in the violence accused Mishra of inciting the clashes and felt that he is the man behind the Delhi riots.

Three complaints (two police complaints for a report and one plea to the (Supreme Court of India) have been filed against Kapil Mishra for allegedly inciting violence and making inflammatory remarks publicly, inciting people and causing violence.

FIRs against Kapil Mishra and other BJP leaders were sought by the opposition for hate-mongering speeches during the Delhi election campaign and for the communal violence in North East Delhi.

Mishra tweeted that he was not scared of the massive hate campaign against him. But no action has been taken as of now.

Security heightened for Kapil Mishra

The irony is that Kapil Mishra has been given Y+ category security owing to a threat to his life. He will be given round-the-clock security by armed personnel under the Y+ category security after he allegedly received death threats.

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