India’s Biggest Spike in COVID Death toll, After Bihar Revises tally

covid death toll

The world’s highest single-day COVID death toll is reported on 9 June,2021. The record spike happened after Bihar revised figures to audit deaths at home or in private hospitals.

India recorded its highest ever single-day death toll from COVID-19 is 6,148. There is a sharp increase in its figures to account for people who died to the virus at home or in private hospitals.

Bihar, one of the poorest states, revised its total COVID-19 death toll on Wednesday . The count rose to 9,400 from 5400.

India’s total COVID-19 cases are around 29.2 million till date. The number of cases in the last 24 hours is 94,052. According to the data from the health ministry, the total fatalities are at 359,676.

It is said that the country has recorded lesser corona cases in the last three consecutive days. Active cases stand at nearly 1.17 million.

It is important to mention that a total of 22.7 million COVID-19 doses have been administered nationwide, including 3.4 million over the last 24 hours.

India has the second-highest number of coronavirus cases in the world after the US.

Why did Bihar revise its numbers?

The Bihar High Court asked the state government for an audit of casualties during the second wave. The Court asked for an audit especially of the coronavirus in April and May. Moreover, the court alleged that the state government was hiding the scale of infections and deaths.

According to a reports by NDTV, an audit of deaths revealed that while 1,600 people died of COVID in Bihar between March2020 and March 2021. Furthermore, it is known that the number of deaths from April to June 7 this year was 7,775. This is about six times more than the official numbers.

It has become obvious that thee are thousands of unreported deaths in Bihar. It also build suspicion that the death tally across India must be significantly higher than the official figure.

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