Watch: Bihar woman burns Manusmriti to light her Cigarette


In a shocking video, a woman from Bihar burns Manusmriti to light her cigarette while cooking meat. The video is going viral all over the media and internet.

According to social media users, the woman was identified as Priya Das from Bihar. Many netizens supported her actions while others felt the gesture promoted intolerance.

In the video, Priya Das, Bihar woman was seen burning Manusmriti (known as Manava-Dharmasatra). It is one of the many ancient law codes and their varied opinions.

While speaking to the media, she said, the burning of Manusmriti is symbolic; Babasaheb Ambedkar defined its foundation and purpose long ago. The act was not to offend any person or political leader. The main aim of this act is to expose the ugly shallow and hypocritical worldview.

Manusmriti is infamous for preaching casteism and supporting discrimination against Dalits in the society. Dr.B.R.Ambedkar rejected and burned the book. He also gathered crowd in Maharashtra to protest the controversial text in the book.

Viral video: Bihar woman burns Manusmriti

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