George Soros remarks on Modi, Why BJP targets the international investor?

George Soros, Hungarian- American billionaire investor and philanthropist, criticised and made remarks on Modi and questioned Gautam Adani over the Hindenburg report. He has been in the news and became viral all over the media for his statements.

According to the media reports, Soros, at Munich Security Conference on Thursday, said Modi would ‘have to answer questions’ from the foreign investors and also to the Parliament over the claims against the Adani Group. He said Modi is silent on his links with Adani. Modi has to answer these questions from the investors.

Moreover, he said this will significantly weaken Modi’s grip on India’s federal government and open the door for much-needed institutional changes in the country. ‘I may be naive, but I expect a Democratic rival in India’, Soros added.

His words outraged fierce reactions among the BJP. BJP, the ruling party, says George Soros is not only targeting the Indian Prime Minister Modi but also targeting the Indian Democratic System. Smriti Irani, BJP leader and Union Minister, raised the heat with her remarks. She told the reports, ‘Everyone should condemn Soros remarks in one voice’.

Smriti Irani stated the attack on India would not be tolerated and called Soros a ‘designated economic war criminal’.

Who is George Soros

George Saros is a Hungarian-American billionaire investor and philanthropist. Soros was born on August 12, 1930, in Budapest, Hungary, to a Jewish family. He is known for his successful investment strategies and his philanthropic work through the Open Society Foundation.

Saros is considered one of the most successful investors of all time. He founded Soros Fund Management in 1969. Additionally, he made a billion-dollar profit in 1992 by betting against the British pound. He is known as the man who broke the Bank of England.

Despite his successful investments, political activism and philanthropic works he is subjected to controversy and conspiracy theories. He has been accused for manipulating markets and political influences.

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