Former CM Uma Bharti said – Greed of revenue and pressure of mafia does not allow liquor ban

uma bharti on liquor ban
There is a roar of opposition in BJP. Politics have escalated following the statement of Home Minister Narottam Mishra of new liquor shops in Madhya Pradesh.

The former Chief Minister Uma Bharti publicly opposed this. And gave a counter to this statement. She wrote on social media – ‘the greed of a little revenue and the pressure of the mafia does not allow liquor to be banned’.

Through this statement on social media, Uma Bharti has made an appeal to the party’s national president JP Nadda over prohibition. In her statement she wrote – I appeal to the public to prepare for liquor ban in BJP ruled states.

She has reminded that there were more number of deaths due to poisonous liquor in Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh, when compared to deaths during the lockdown, as there was a ban on liquor.

She said that Nitish Kumar won in Bihar elections in spite of the political pressure, because of his decision to ban liquor in Bihar. Women voted for him voluntarily due to the ban on liquor.

She further sermonized that, the government’s responsibility is to take care of the people like a mother whose responsibility is to protect her child and nurture it. If the government opens liquor shops and provides alcohol to the people, then it would seems as if the same mother is giving poison to the child .

Later Uma Bharti thanked Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan, when he said that the government has not yet decided to increase liquor shops in Madhya Pradesh. She tried to remind the Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan that he had said that the first step he would take was to bury the liquor mafia, in his election agenda.

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