Bus driver and conductor saved the life of Indian cricketer

bus driver & conductor saved Indian cricketer

Yesterday, the Panipat Bus Depot honored the bus driver and conductor who saved the life of Indian cricketer Rishabh Pant.

As per Panipat Bus Depot General Manager K Jangra, bus driver Sushil Kumar and conductor Paramjeet saw an out-of-control car push the roadblock next to Gurukul Narsan and dashed to help the stuck passenger.

Haryana Transportation systems decided to honor the two men for their outstanding service in saving a national sportsman. It is also expected that Haryana government officials will soon follow and praise Kumar and Paramjeet, said by Panipat depot general manager Kuldeep Jangra

He stated that when he and his conductor saw the car smashing into the road block, they stopped and rushed to the spot to help.

Jangra went on to say that both the conductor and the driver set a good example of humanity.

Meantime, conductor Paramjeet confirmed that the vehicle caught fire and burned within 5-7 seconds of removing Rishabh Pant.

He had severe back injuries. We inquired about his personal information, and he informed us that he is a member of the Indian cricket team, he stated.

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