Gurugram: Woman locks self & minor son for 3 years in house to escape COVID

woman locked herself & son for 3 years

A woman locked herself and her minor son in their house in Gurugram’s Chakkapur for 3 years. Reportedly, she locked herself due to extreme fear of contracting COVID-19. This shocking incident came to light when the woman’s husband Sujan Majhi. Sujan works as an engineer in a private company.

Despite his frequent requests, his wife didn’t open the door. Left with no choice, Sujan approached the police. The police in turn sent a team of police, health officials and members of the child welfare department to reach the house on Tuesday.

They broke open the main door and rescued the woman and her 10-year-old son. The house was in a bad state of affairs. The garbage, pile of clothes and groceries were scattered in the house.

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