British PM Rishi Sunak five-step plan on illegal immigration

rishi sunak illegal immigration
Image Source: The Hindu

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak made a statement in the House of Commons. Rishi Sunak committing the Republicans to effective action against illegal immigration.

Prime minister claims that the UK’s Connection governance has been “too divided, with different people doing different things. Also being managed to pull in different directions”.

However, Rishi Sunak’s 5-step plan on illegal immigration is as follows:

1. Firstly, a new permanent unified Small Boats Operational Command will be set up to coordinate intelligence, interception, processing, and enforcement.

2. The second step involves freed up immigration officials being given the authority to increase raids on illegal work by 50 per cent. 

3. Then the area of focus will be to counter the GBP 5.5 million daily bill for the use of hotels to house asylum seekers and make use of alternative sites.

4. Next step will be to double up asylum application caseworkers changing the end-to-end process. The process will be with shorter guidance, fewer interviews, less paperwork and introducing specialist case workers by nationality.

5. The final area of focus is aimed at tackling the large numbers from a “safe, prosperous European country” of Albania, who make up a third of those arriving via small boats.

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