Uniquely shaped Square Watermelons in Japan

square watermelons in japan

Square or cube watermelons are grown into the shape of a cube and are commonly sold in Japan. Japan is home to the uniquely shaped and inedible Shikaku suika also called square watermelon. It is more expensive when compared to normal watermelons.

The city of Zentsuji in Japan is an ideal location for watermelons. Zentsuji in the Kagawa Prefecture of Japan, square watermelons are carefully cultivated and grown from plenty of research, testing, and practice.

How do the square watermelons grow

Square watermelons don’t come from special seeds. They are regular melons that were placed inside boxes while growing. The resulting shape makes the fruit easier to transport, cut, and store. To retain the proper square shape, melons must be harvested before they are ripe, rendering them inedible. The watermelons are grown in boxes and take the shape of a container, and they tend to appeal to wealthy or fashionable people.

Since the advent of the cubed watermelon, other watermelon shapes have been introduced, such as hearts and pyramids. They are also available in other countries now.

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