BJP Leader Subramanian Swamy Writes To PM Modi to Postpone JEE NEET 2020

subramanian swamy on neet jee

BJP Leader Subramanian Swamy use social media platform and he listed 13 reasons for the postponement of competitive exams this year considering the Coronavirus situation. He has come out in support of students demanding postponement of competitive exams like JEE and NEET 2020.

13 reasons listed by Subramanian Swamy

  • Covid 19 is increasing at alarming rate in our country. Rich people are least affected by this. Middle class and lower-middle class families are mostly affected by this. And many of them cannot afford the treatment cost.
  • Now, more than 50% of cases of Covid are coming from a rural area. Due to this condition lockdown prevailed in those affected areas. Transportation becomes main problem for poor students.
  • Since the exam centers are not in every district and in addition to that many students have also been allotted far off centers. They cannot reach the examination center.
  • Many States have still imposed lockdowns this would increase students’ problem in arranging transport and stay if they reach the center a day before
  • These students with centers in different cities would have to reach that city at-least a day before which increases their susceptibility of getting infected
  • Public transport and also trains are already shut down. How can students reach to the examination center? Because it is not possible for everyone to reach centers by private vehicle. Fares of the private vehicles will also increase after seeing the high demand. In addition, the parent(s) cannot travel with these very young children which only complicates the situation further
  • Another big challenge is food. How will these students get safe food during the stay in the city or town allotted? How can they be sure that they have safe & healthy food in the current Covid situation across the nations
  • Many states like Bihar, Assam and other North Eastern States are facing major floods this makes the situation even worse.
  • It is abhorrent for the agencies to say that SOPs will alleviate these problems and it’s frankly shocking that this SOP is cited as being safe under the current circumstances. These SOPs failed to work in the exams conducted earlier in the year.
  • It is naïve to justify by saying “when will condition improve to normal”. One cannot the risk of the lives of students at the cost of conducting an exam under the current situation.
  • There are a huge number of students or their families who have been infected with Covid-19 & have lost precious time to prepare and be ready, in addition to the inability to attend the exams due to quarantine rules.
  • In my opinion it is dangerous & careless to think the students are mentally and physically prepared to take these exams. There are already numerous cases of suicides happening as students are unable to withstand the pressure due to the uncertainty & confusion.
  • 1000s of students from abroad have to come to India for the examination & the quarantine rules will greatly inconvenience them.

He informed these points to PM Narendra Modi, for which he was assured Swamy, that he would definitely consider this.

The Supreme Court had dismissed the petition filed by 11 students seeking the postponement of JEE (Main) April 2020 and NEET-Undergraduate examinations due to the rising Covid 19 cases in the country.

After that, the Ministry of Education Secretary Amit Khare also confirmed that the NEET, JEE Main 2020 entrance examinations will not be postponed. The Medical Council of India has submitted before the Supreme Court that it is not possible to have overseas exam centers considering the possibility of questions leaking.

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