Mukesh Ambani received third death threat email in four days

death threat mukesh ambani

Reliance Industries chairperson Mukesh Ambani on Monday morning received a third death threat email in which the sender demanded a ransom of ₹400 crore. It is pertinent to note that he is the same sender who sent two such emails on October 27 and demanded ₹200 crore from Ambani.

According to police, The first email received on on Friday, demanded of Rs 20 crore by unidentified person. The company received second email on Saturday, demanding Rs 200 crore. The third email on Monday, in which the sender demand 400 crore, official said.

Sources says, this is the same individual who had previously sent two similar emails on October 27, in which they had demanded ₹200 crore from Mukesh Ambani.

The Mumbai police, their crime branch and cyber teams are working to trace the sender of the email.

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