UP Board reduces syllabus, JEE, NEET syllabus not to be affected

up board syllabus reduced
Classes in schools and colleges do not seem to be happening in the near future due to the Corona Virus Pandemic.
Hence, hundreds of boards have decreased their syllabus to reduce the stress for the current academic session.

The Uttar Pradesh(UP) state education board has now been reduces the 30% syllabus to follow the academic calendar and also not create a problem for JEE and NEET students.

The boards have decided to decrease the outline from History, Mathematics, and Science. This lessons will not destroy the JEE and NEET exam. According to the news reports, the decrease in the syllabus will not affect the basics of the JEE and NEET Exams.

The decrease in the syllabus is planned in such a way that it should help children and not burden them with the pressure of completing the syllabus. Uttar Pradesh is now following the observation techniques following the footsteps of the other cities.

The UP board’s official Divyakant Shukla said, ‘changes have been made for the new academic year, keeping in mind that the changes would not hinder the students getting ready for their examination. In short, there has not been an important chapter that has been removed from the syllabus’.

The Uttar Pradesh education board has followed the CBSE’s Plan and developed its syllabus according to the CBSE syllabus.

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