49 year-old churches demolished in BJP-ruled Manipur for illegal construction

manipur churches demolished

Three churches were demolished by authorities on Tuesday for “illegal construction” on government land in Manipur. They are Evangelical Baptist Convention Church, Evangelical Lutheran Church Manipur and Catholic Holy Spirit Church. More than 41% of Manipur’s population is Christian.

The churches were demolished days after the Manipur HC vacated its order for status quo on an order for eviction drive by the BJP-led government in the state.

According to news reports, the church was established in 1974, it is around 49 years now. The government eviction notice came on Dec 24, 2020. The high court protected the status quo for around 2 to 3 years. In April 2023, the high court took out our status quo and now it happened like this.

According to the Deccan Herald, the administration demolished the churches on Tuesday 11 April. Many Christian residents came and worshipped in the debris. One of the priests said that the state government should not have demolished the churches. As those were not for personal benefit of any individual or organisation.

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