Chhattisgarh: Catholic church destroyed in Narayanpur district

church destroyed in chhattisgarh

Due to disagreements over alleged religious conversions, a gang attacked and destroyed a church in the Narayanpur district in Chhattisgarh. The police superintendent who arrived on the scene was also attacked.

As per sources, the Sarv Tribal Samiti and the converted locals have been in conflict over religious conversion. The converted people accused that they converted due to the problems caused by their rivals.

On Monday, the opposing group held a rally, alleging that the conversions were coerced & induced by allurement.

The rally participants became disorderly and damaged the Bangalpara church. Even after police presence, SP Sadanand Kumar was attacked.

Furthermore, Mr. Kumar described the chain of events, saying that he and the Collector instructed the protesters to maintain peace. However, a section of the gang turned violent.

Meanwhile, according to local sources, the situation in Narayanpur remains tense, despite heavy police implementation.

Chhattisgarh church destroyed

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