Warner Bros. Discovery to set up Development Centre in Hyderabad

Image: What's on Disney Plus

The renowned global media and entertainment giant Warner Bros. Discovery has announced to set up International Development Centre (IDC) in the city of Hyderabad. It plans to enter the thriving media and entertainment city of Hyderabad.

This was announced by Alexandra Carter, Senior Vice President of Finance at Warner Bros. Discovery. She announced this in a meeting with IT Minister KT Rama Rao, who is on a tour of the United States.

Most importantly, the company is known for its extensive portfolio of content, brands, and franchises spanning television, cinema, streaming, and gaming. According to the TOI,  IDSC plans to employ 1,200 experts and expands as the business grows.

According to a formal statement, the discussions at this meeting underscored the parties’ shared ambition. It plans for fostering innovation and growth in the media and entertainment sector. Furthermore,  it plans for reinforcing their collaboration for a bright future in Hyderabad.

Moreover, the key centre for Warner Bros. Discovery’s activities in India will be the IDC in Hyderabad. The IDC will hire 1,200 specialists in its first year of operations and add more as the company expands.

This action demonstrates Warner Bros. Discovery’s dedication to supporting the growth of Hyderabad’s media and entertainment sector and investing in the local talent pool, according to a statement.

Warners Discovery selects Hyderabad for its Development centre

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