US Man spends Rs 1.35 crore on Surgery to increase his height

Image: Photos taken from "TheCoesmaticLane"

Moses Gibson, a man from Minnestoa, US, spent nearly 1.35 crore on surgery to increase his height by 5 inches. He went through many painful surgeries to grow his height.

According to NDTV, because of his 5-foot-5-inch height, he had difficulty in dating. To grow his height, he explored a variety of methods, including medication and spiritual healing.

Furthermore he said, “I was unhappy most of the time; it was my self-confidence in general, and with the ladies in specific.” It had an effect on my dating life. I used to put things in my shoes to add a little height, but not much.”

Moses took pills and consulted a spiritual healer, who promised to increase his height. Despite the efforts, both medication and therapy failed miserably.

He worked as a software engineer and Uber driver and managed to save $75,000 for his surgery. In 2016, he went through a surgery, which added 3 inches of his height.

After going for the first procedure, I am happy with results in some extent. However I have to go for next procedure to complete it. “I am an achiever, I’ve got the money and I can achieve it”, he added.

Seven years later, in March, he goes for the second surgery, adding two more inches to his height.

According to India Times, During his tough times, People used to make comments on me. Sometimes it wasn’t meant to be hurtful or awful, but they’d comment, “Damn dude, you’re a short man.” Even they used to crack jokes on it too. I was never depressed since I am a strong, tough guy. Moreover, I looked into what I could do about it.

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