Taliban Beats Up Afghan Journalists for Covering Women’s Protests

taliban beats journalists

According to the LA Times, Taliban beats up afghan journalists for covering women’s protests. Taliban also stopped its journalists from covering the protesting women; However, the foreign journalists were only forced to leave the area.

The Taliban squashed all their promises to protect human rights and guarantee freedom of press. Two images have made rounds on the social media handle, Twitter that how Taliban beats journalists. Distressing images of injured journalists were displayed.

These journalists sustained injuries after being beaten by the Taliban for covering women’s protests.

One of the post by Marcus Yam (Foreign correspondent for the Los Angeles Times) and in another by Etilaatroz (an Afghan news publication)

Images tweeted by Nr, Yan show two men stripped to their inner wear and standing with their backs to the camera. The backs and legs of the journalists were covered with red welts and bruises.

The situation of the journalists was so pathetic that two people had to carry them to the hospital.

According to Etilaatroz, Mr. Daryabi and Mr. Naqdi- a video editor and a reporter who were covering a protest led by women were abducted by the Taliban and taken to different rooms and beaten and tortured.

Though the journalists were shouting that they were journalists, they didn’t care. However, they didn’t kill them but ridiculed them to the core.

Foreign journalists were sent away from that area. While some of them were also abducted but were left unharmed. However, the head of Euro news was slapped repeatedly.

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