RGV Song On Dogs: The song on Mayor goes viral on social media

rgv song on dogs

RGV Song On Dogs: It is known to everyone about the death of a boy. He was attacked by stray dogs in Hyderabad. Director Ram Gopal Varma responded to the incident on Hyderabad Mayor Gadwal Vijayalakshmi’s comments on dog attack in twitter.

While targeting Mayor Vijayalakshmi , RGV tweeted many times. He tweeted by posting a video of her feeding her dog with her right hand and eating with her left hand became a hot topic.

He said that as the Mayor’s love for dogs is more than the children in our state. Hence, RGV tweeted that if we the Mayor takes all the dogs home and feed them, they won’t eat our children. 

GHMC Mayor’s tweets are currently going viral. Meanwhile, RGV has once again responded on the same dogs attack issue and release a song.

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