Hyderabad airport identified as Most punctual airport in the world

Image: Telangana Today

Hyderabad Airport, RGIA is recognized as the most punctual airport in the world. Cirium, an aviation analytical firm reviewed and stated that Hyderabad airport topped the charts both in the ‘Global Airports’ and ‘Large Airports’ categories. It has recorded 90.43 percent On-Time Performance, for the month of March 2023 among 5 million flights globally.

With an OTP of 88.44 percent, the airport was likewise rated fourth among large airports in November 2022. The airport was chosen based on the real gate departure service, which must cover at least three areas (including its own) and have an 80% or greater coverage of the actual departure time.

According to ACI, Pradeep Panicker, CEO of the GMR Hyderabad International Airport, commented on the accomplishment, saying, “Over the years, we have incorporated the newest technological advancements, improved the finest operational methods, and constructed world-class infrastructure to optimize the airport’s performance.

I would like to thank our airline partners, other stakeholders, and our team who work diligently to improve our operational efficiency and make it possible for passengers to enjoy a seamless journey when they transit through the airport for their assistance in our pursuit of greatness.

Hyderabad Airport- The most punctual airport in the World

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