Political Changes in Bengal, 33 BJP MLA’s want to return to TMC

mla's return to tmc

Political changes are expected to happen in West Bengal. TMC gained all the importance after its resounding victory in the recently held polls. Reportedly, around 33 BJP MLA’s want to return to TMC.

It is important to note that not only the turncoats but also few BJP MLA’s want to return to TMC. However, TMC is not in a hurry to allow them in.

According to the reports, the BJP MLA’s who switched the party just ahead of elections now want to go back. 13 MLA’s were given tickets by the party. Supposedly, all the 33 MLA’s are in touch with TMC. Apart from this, BJP National Vice President Mukul Roy’s son Subhranshu also want to join TMC.

However, Shamik Bhattacharya, BJP spokesperson, said that it is just just a rumor and the news about the figure 33 is false. Further more, he said that Subhranshu questioned the Central government through one of his posts, hence speculations about him are in the air.

Meanwhile, TMC is not in a hurry to re-induct the turncoats to TMC. TMC MP Shukhendu Shekar Rai said that the party will discuss about the re-induction of the BJP MLA’s , in a meeting at the party office on Saturday at 3.PM.

He said that a lot of questions need to be answered before anyone is inducted – Why does he want to come back? Why did he leave the party? Is there a conspiracy of BJP is there? Is there an attempt being made to infiltrate?

He said that only after getting answers to all such questions, the decision to re-induct the turncoats would be taken.

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