PM Modi reacts with utter bitterness and pride, looks offended by Rahul’s questions

Image: Hindustan Times

After the leader of the Opposition took jibes at PM Narendra Modi and his government, the Prime Minister reacted with utter bitterness and pride. Modi looked offended as he was questioned by his opponent Rahul Gandhi to talk about Adani and his projects.

Congress in power

While speaking in the parliament, the Prime Minister said the Congress, when in power, it prioritised “vote-bank politics” over development, named government schemes after the Gandhi-Nehru family and toppled elected state government”90 times”.

PM Modi and the Opposition

He thumped his chest and, pointing out to the opposition members, spoke haughtily. “I live for the country and have set it with the conviction to serve the nation.” Further added that the members of the opposition were playing games because they did not have the courage to take him on.

Poetic language

Jitna keechad uchchaloge, kamal utna hee zyada khilega (the more dirt you fling, the more the lotus shall bloom),” he said, and quoted from a poem keechad unke paas tha, mere paas gulal. Jo jiske paas tha, usne diya uchchal (they flung the dirt they had, I threw the colours I had).”

However, in the last few decades, many intellectuals have given direction to the country through this exalted House. Many in the House achieved tremendous feats and accomplishments in their personal lives. Whatever is said in this House, the country listens to it and takes it very seriously. It is unfortunate then that in such an exalted institution, the behaviour and words of some people have been disappointing – not just for the House but for the entire country.”

In reference to the comments made by Kharge, Modi said that when he took office and started scrutinising projects and gathering information, he found there were “holes in the foundation”.

“When they were digging holes for the past 60 years, at that time, many of the world’s smaller countries were reaching the pinnacles of progress and success,’’ he said.

During Congress rule, he said, the government had an easier task because “from panchayat to Parliament’’, everything was under its control, and citizens would vote for the party “with their eyes shut’’.

“And yet the kind of work culture they brought, they did nothing to find a permanent solution for the problems… na socha, na soojha, na hi prayas kiya (did not think, understand or make an effort)… their priorities and intentions were different… The identity of our government is based on the steps that we have taken so far and our endeavour to find permanent solutions to problems,’’ he said.

Issue of water

Referring to the issue of water, he said that a holistic, integrated approach was adopted by his government to create water infrastructure, water governance, quality control, water conservation, and irrigation innovation.

Similar measures, he said, have found permanent solutions for financial inclusion, DBT via Jan Dhan, Aadhaar, mobile, infrastructure planning and implementation via PM Gatishakti Masterplan.

He claimed that Congress really did not do anything for the tribals and the country as a whole but for lip-service.

Nehru surname

Modi remarked, “Some have raised objections to the names of government programmes, even to the use of Sanskrit in some names. While I can’t verify this, I have read a newspaper report which has said that there are 600 government schemes named after the Gandhi-Nehru family. If a programme is not named after Pandit Nehru, then it raises the hackles of some people; it makes their blood boil… But what is astonishing to me is that someone of this generation is afraid to use Nehru as his surname? What is the shame of using Nehru as the surname? If such an exalted personality is not acceptable to you, is not acceptable to your family, then why are you asking us for an explanation?’’

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