How ‘PM Modi In Army Uniform’ is the Next Level of Deception?


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Many World Leaders wear Army Uniforms but when PM Modi wears it, it is different. Apparently, it is close to the next level of deception. Let’s see how.

Effect of Army Uniform

Most of us get attracted to the Army clothing. We have a special connection of patriotism to the dress of the Army personnel. Even when a civilian wears it, we love to watch them. This can be said that it is human tendency.

Simple Nuance

Grabbing this nuance, Pm Modi has worn an Army uniform every year on Diwali. He made it a custom to greet and spend time with the Army personnel during Diwali. Furthermore, he did the same this Diwali too. He addressed the troops at Jammu’s Kajouri, near the Line of control this Diwali.

PM Modi dressed in an Army uniform as usual. However, he did not wear any rank badges. He only had a red band around the hat and the Indian Army emblem as the crown piece.

Inspiring gesture

With this attire, he uses his oratory skills to deceive the troops and the common man as well. On the other hand, the ruling party members try to convey to the people that the PM is inspiring the people and boosting the morale of the Army personnel. This gesture would send waves of inspiration to his supporters in India and abroad. In fact they may get goose bumps too.

On the contrary, Army personnel will have to say that they are lucky enough to have a leader like PM Modi. ( No army personnel is supposed to speak against the government).

Best skills to deceive

PM Modi is known for his best oratory and marketing skills. He can buy and sell anything. He is selling his popularity in the disguise of an Army uniform. (only the wise can see this).
Wearing the military uniform is an added advantage to make the image of the leader strong.

President is the Head

One thing everyone need to know that according to the constitution of India, the President of India is the Commander-in-chief of the Armed forces. President symbolises the Head of stat and the Prime Minister should only carry out its functions in a democratic country. Alas! Everything here is contradictory.

People should also understand that the world leaders may wear uniforms have a different kind of government in their countries. Leaders like Putin, Xi Jingping are also the Heads of the defence forces unlike Modi. Hence, there are many reasons to question this practice adopted by PM Modi.

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