Fact Check: Woman disrupts Eid prayers in US mosque is ‘Mentally ill’ Muslim, not Hindu as claimed

Image: Screengrab

On April 21, several social media users claimed, a woman from Viriginia, USA disrupts the Eid prayers in a mosque is a Hindu. We at Avaaz24 published the same claims based on some viral tweets.

However, after the report from a fact checking website Newschecker, we came to know that, the woman who created disrupts during Eid prayers was actually a Muslim but not Hindu. Moreover the woman was said to be struggling from mental health issues, as per a statement issued by the masque.

According to Newschecker, they began by looking up a keyword search for “Hindu woman Virginia mosque,” which revealed no reliable news items.

Later they discovered the viral video was from All Dulles Area Muslim Society (Adams) Mosque in Virginia after doing a relevant keyword search on Twitter.

Soon after the news is going viral on internet, Adams mosque in Virginia, released a statement on their official Instagram handle (adams.center) regarding the details of the incident.

Adams center clarification:

On April 22, All Dulles Area Muslim Society (Adams) Mosque, official Instagram handle (adams.center) account provided an explanation about the viral video.

“We want to clarify that the recent incident at the mosque on Friday, April 21st, during the ADAMS Sterling, Virginia, Eid prayer involved an individual from the Muslim community struggling with mental health issues”, adams.center stated.


The woman shown in a viral video disrupting Eid prayers in a mosque in Virginia, USA, was discovered to be Muslim, not a Hindu as some social media users claimed.

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