Watch: 70-year old Odisha woman walks barefoot to collect her Pension

Image: Screengrab from ANI twitter

In a tragic incident, Surya Harijan, a 70-year old woman, walks many kilometers barefoot with the assistance of a broken chair to reach a bank in Odisha to collect her pension. The video is now going viral on internet. Consequently, many netizens slammed government inefficiency.

As per the video from ANI, Surya Harijan, a 70 year old woman from Odisha walks barefoot to receive pension from the bank. The incident took place at Banuguda village, Nabarangpur district in Odisha.

In the video, the woman can be seen walking barefoot on main road with the help of a broken chair. Moreover the lady was struggling to collect her old age pension from the bank.

According to India Today, Surya Harijan standard of living is poor. Her elder son has moved to another state as a migrant laborer to support the family. Her younger son lives with her and makes a living by grazing other people’s cattle. Life in their little cabin is becoming increasingly challenging by the day.

Harijan was previously given pension funds to her hand. However, the system has changed, and the funds are now being transferred to her account directly. According to the bank, Surya’s left thumb imprint (LTI) does not always match the samples, making it difficult to pay her pension.

According to reports, she didn’t receive her pension for the last four months and must go to the bank for physical presence. Surya, on the other hand, is too weak to walk on her own. She went to the bank with the use of a chair.

Apparently, the local administration has now committed to provide the elderly woman with all necessary services, including a pension delivered at her doorstep.

Viral video: Odisha woman walks barefoot to collect pension

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