BJP Supporters protest outside Kejriwal’s House, Vandalise Front Gate

bjp protests outside kejriwal house
BJP Karnataka MP Tejaswi Surya trying jump over the barricade outside the Delhi CM's house. Photo: NDTV

BJP supporters staged a protest outside Delhi chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal’s house. They are protesting against Mr. Kejriwals’s remarks on the controversial movie ‘The Kashmir Files‘. BJP leaders accused Mr. Kejriwal of insulting Kashmiri Hindus. In addition to that they claim that the Chief Minister mocked the ‘genocide’

However, several AAP leaders accused the Delhi Police of facilitating vandalism and violence. They claimed that the police allowed BJP leaders and supporters to reach the Chief Minister’s house.

Large group of people carrying BJP flags and placards clashed with the police at the barricades. In most of the visuals , many BJP supporters were seen trying to jump through the security barriers.

However, Deputy chief Minister Manish Sisodia tweeted that ‘antisocial’ elements smashed CCTV cameras and the security barriers at Mr. Kejriwal’s house. They also broke the boom barriers at the entrance.

In another tweet, he claimed the perpetrators were ”BJP goons” who the Delhi Police helped.