Amritpal Singh’s associates arrested, charged under NSA

amritpal singh associates arrested

On Tuesday, Papalpreet Singh, close aide of Amritpal Singh, taken to Assam’s Dibrugarh jail. So far, the Punjab Police have arrested nine associates of fugitive Khalistani separatist Amritpal Singh, who has been on the run since the operation began last month.

According to India Today, Amritpal’s followers fought with police officers at the Ajnala police station almost three weeks ago, demanding the release of one of his aides. Who are Amritpal Singh associates? Lets us know in brief about them in.

Papalpreet Singh

Papalpreet Singh is the right hand man and mentor of Amritpal Singh. He is the former aid of Deep Sidhu, who died in road accident in the year 2022.

Previously, he was previously charged with sedition in 2015 for alleged connections to the ISI. He was also detained in 2016 for carrying a Sarbat Khalsa and in 2019 for attempting to murder.

Prior to his joining with Amritpal, Papalpreet worked with fellow Khalistani separatist, Simranjeet Singh Maan.

On Tuesday, Punjab police arrested Papalpreet Singh and brought him to Dibrugarh Central Jail.

Daljeet Kasi

Dalijeet Kasi widely known as Sarabjit Singh Kalsi. He used to operate Sterling India, a marketing agency. He was in charge of five firms, three of which were liquidated. These firms reportedly engaged in a ponsi scheme.

Additionally, he allegedly got over Rs.35 crore in foreign funds over the last two years and made over a dozen phone calls to Pakistan.

Harjit Singh

Harjit Singh is Amritpal’s Uncle. He used to live in United Kingdom. On March 19 on Shahkot he and his driver Harpreet Singh surrendered to Punjab police without any criminal record.

However, they have been charged with trespassing, criminal intent, and unlawful imprisonment at gunpoint.

Bhagwant Singh

Bhagwant is a school dropout from Moga’s Bajeke village. He was quite active on social media till the government blocked his accounts. He was arrested in Dibrugarh court, Assam.

Gurinder Pal Singh

Gurinder Pal Singh widely known as Guru Aujila. He used to handle the social media counts of Amritpal Singh. On March 21, he was sent to the Dibrugarh prison.

Basanth Singh

Basanth Singh is handing drug re habitation centre at Jallupur Kheda. He has no criminal records in the past. However he was involved in Ajnala attack

Varindar Singh Fauji

Varindar Singh Fauji is former army constable. He used to work as bodyguard for Amritpal Singh. He got gun permit from Jammu and Kashmir, but was revoked after Ajnala incident. On March 27, police arrested Varindar Singh.

Gurmeet Singh Bhukhanwala

Gurmeet is from the village Bhukhanwala, Moga. He is alleged to have helped Amritpal in setting up a local network. Moreover he is the former supporter of Deep Sidhu.

Kulwant Singh Dhaliwal

Kulwant is the close aide of Amritpal Singh. He has been arrested by Punjab police and charged under the stringent National Security Act.

(With inputs from India Today)

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