WIFE is “Worry Invited For Ever” for Youngsters- Kerala High Court

kerala high court youngsters

Kerala High court slammed youngsters for spoiling the culture in the society and disturbing the sanctity of marriage. Apparently, youngsters use marriage as use and throw material. Hence, it is toxic to the ‘conscience of the society.’

According to NDTV, while denying a divorce to a 51 year old man, the Kerala High court made few observations. It said that the young generation is spoiling the sanctity of marriage.

The Division Bench

A Division Bench comprised of Justices Mohd Mushtaq and Sophy Thomas. They delivered a judgment which denied divorce to a man seeking divorce on “matrimonial cruelty”. However, he could not prove any of his claims.

The Family

The couple from Alappuzha district in Kerala, got married in 2009 and have 3 daughters. The husband has an extramarital affair since 2017. He filed for a divorce in 2018 in the family court. He alleged that the wife assaulted him.

However, the man’s mother stood by his wife and still wants to see them to live together along with their children. Inspite of all these disturbance, the wife is willing to accept him back.

The Court order

The court order reads, “Nowadays, the younger generation think that marriage is an evil that could be avoided to enjoy free life without any liabilities or obligations. They would expand the word ‘WIFE’ as ‘Worry Invited For Ever’ substituting the old concept of ‘Wise Investment For Ever.’

Furthermore, it said, “Kerala, known as God’s Own Country, was once famous for its well-knit family bondage,” the court order, authored by Justice Sophy Thomas, says, “But the present trend, it seems to break the nuptial tie on flimsy or selfish reasons, or for extra-marital relationships, even unmindful of their children.”

The court adds, “The consumer culture of ‘use and throw’ seems to have influenced our matrimonial relationships also. Live-in-relationships are on the rise, just to say good-bye when they fell apart.”

The court moreover stated,  “The wails and screams coming out of disturbed and destroyed families are liable to shake the conscience of the society as a whole. When warring couples, deserted children and desperate divorcees occupy the majority of our population, no doubt it will adversely affect the tranquility of our social life, and our society will have a stunted growth.”

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