Watch: Japan H3 rocket fails miserably, destruction command issued

Image: Srenngrab from AFP News Agency official twitter channel

On Tuesday, JAXA’s H3, the next generation rocket of Japan failed soon after its lift off from the Space Centre. The rocket’s first stage of separation went accordingly but problem arises afterwards. The rocket has been introduced as competitor for SpaceX’s Falcon 9.

JAXA, Japan‘s Space Agency Centre issued demolish command after finding that mission could not be accomplished. The failure of H3 rocket is a big blow to the Space Agency centre. However the failure of this mission is not immediately explained.

According to Yahoo news, JAXA launched H3 rocket from the Tanegashima Space Centre, Japan. The rocket successfully finished its first stage of separation after lifting-off.

But the problems emerged after its completion. “It seems that velocity is coming down,” announcers of JAXA live stream said before the command centre replied. “The second stage engine ignition has not been confirmed yet, we continue to confirm the situation”

The live feed was paused shortly, with a message reading “We are currently checking the status. Please wait.”

Soon after it’s resumed the command centre announced the news. “Destruction command has been transmitted to H3 because there was no possibility of achieving the mission.”

#Breaking: Japan H3 rocket failed after liftoff

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