Twitter’s Interim Grievance Officer quits amid a row with the Government

twitter's grievance officer

Twitter’s interim grievance officer, Dharmendra Chatur stepped down from his post amid the ongoing tussle between the union government and new IT rules.

A new grievance director is appointed for Twitter after Dharmendra Chatur stepped down from his post just weeks after his appointment.

Jeremy Kessel, the Global Legal Policy director of Twitter is listed as the new grievance director. However, Twitter does not want to comment on this new development.

According to the new rules which came into effect on May 25, social media companies need to establish a grievance redressal mechanism.

This mechanism should be there for resolving complaints from the users or victims. Hence a new grievance director was appointed just a few weeks ago.

Amid this row between the government and the social media giant, the new grievance director stepped down. His name no longer displayed on the social media company’s website.

The government feels that Twitter is deliberately disobeying and failing to comply to the country’s new IT rules.

This row was triggered and heavy criticism poured in when the IT minister Ravi Shankar Prasad‘s twitter account was locked for sometime. According to Twitter, the minister ‘s post violated the US copy right rules.

However, the minister alleged that the social media company did not give him prior information about the violation.

Furthermore, he tweeted that his interviews on television channels criticizing the platform led to such results. Moreover, the non-compliance of India IT – rules troubled the Silicon Valley Corporation.

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