Twitteretti reacts to Ram Gopal Varma’s University tweet

Image: RGV official twitter handle

Ram Gopal Varma (RGV), the most controversial Indian director is again in the news with his mischievous tweet on twitter. Ram Gopal Varma posted a photo on his twitter handle asking students if they are interested in going to his University.

The tweet is now going viral all over the social media and netizens started reacting to it.

As per the tweet, RGV shared a photo on his official twitter handle with a group of girls. Furthermore he asked the students “Do you want to join my University?”. The tweet went viral all over the social media and internet. Netizens started reacting to his tweet in a mixed way.

Tweet: Ram Gopal Varma University

Hey STUDENTS, do you want to join my UNIVERSITY?, RGV tweeted.

Twitteretti reactions:

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