Telangana: CM KCR announces Rs.105 cr for Formation Day celebrations

telangana formation day celebrations

Telangana CM KCR announces Rs.105 crore for 21-day long celebrations of Formation Day celebrations. In Telangana, Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao has said the state’s formation Day should mark a befitting commemoration of the sacrifices made by martyrs for the cause of Statehood.

The ten years of Telangana statehood, achieved through struggles and sacrifices, in a democratic manner, on the occasion of Telangana state’s birth decade celebrations. CM KCR said that the three-week festival will start from 2nd June to 22nd June. Formation Day should be celebrated in a festive atmosphere to reflect the glory of Telangana.

The CM directed the Finance Department to release funds of 105 crore rupees to the Collectors for expenses on the occasion of the Telangana formation day celebrations.

On Thursday, Dr. Br Ambedkar’s Telangana Secretariat, a meeting of the Collectors was held under the chairmanship of CM KCR. He gave direction on the activities and arrangements of Telangana State’s accession decade celebrations.

Telangana CM KCR announces 105crores for Formation Day celebrations

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