Social status of Teachers in India is unexplainable

social status of teachers

The social status of teachers in India differs from place to place and from situation to situation. It also depends upon their place and the position they are working in.

In India, from the Vedic culture, a teacher is a person who is next to God. However, times have changed now. Teachers are considered as a person who are paid for the time they spend with the children.

The salaries of teachers are also not that lucrative. They are looked down upon as they are not paid good salaries. We can not generalize everyone as the above.

A teacher who is devoted to his /her vocation and committed to his/her students will still command huge respect. Especially in a village, teachers are more respected.

On the contrary, in big cities like Delhi or Mumbai government teacher earns more and is revered by people more than his/her private school counterparts.

Furthermore, teachers known as Professors employed in government Universities live a cozy life. With less stress and more pay with a guaranteed pension. On the contrary, a Professor in a private university with the same experience earns one-third of the salary with no assured source of income or after-retirement benefits.

Hence, we can conclude that in India, a person who has more knowledge and expertise is less respected when compared to a teacher working according to the place they are working in. Do you think this is the right way of respecting a teacher and judging their social status?

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