Six year Girl becomes Youngest Indian to scale Mount Everest base camp


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Arishka Laddha, a six-year-old girl created history by climbing Mount Everest Base Camp and becomes the youngest Indian to scale it. The base camp lies at more than 17,500 ft. She has achieved unique feet in just 15 days.

Dimple, the mother of the kid, told that she herself is active in marathons, Dimple enjoys running, climbing, trekking, and cycling. She said the objective was to enjoy the ride and take each day as it comes. After two C-section births, she scaled the camp, saying she wanted to serve as an example for those women who believe that their ambitions are curtailed once they become mothers.

She also said that it was an unexpected idea and that specialists advised her to take her daughter at her own risk because typically, only children over the age of 12 reach the base camp. She did, however, note that she and her daughter had healthy lifestyles and frequently hiked Pune forts.

I was instructed to do so at our own risk. My daughter is typically a very busy child. We climb the forts encircling Pune every other Saturday and Sunday. “Dimple Laddha,” I said, “we have ascended Sinhagadh several times.

Six year girl scale Mount Everest:

“6 yr old #ArishkaLaddha has made history by climbing Mt. Everest Base Camp located at a height of more than 17,500 ft in 15 days. She undertook the treacherous journey donning 7-8 layers of clothing and hopes to reach the summit in the times to come. Way to go girl!”, an Instagram post shared by the Ministry of Culture’s Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav.


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