Priyanka Chopra compares her life with friends, ‘Their kids are now 16’

Image: CNN

In a recent interview, Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra compares herself with her friends who are having children that are around 16 and 17. She said that ‘women are raised with having many glass ceilings’.

She told Femina, “It’s hard because I think we are raised with having many glass ceilings. Unfortunately, many of us are told that there’s only that much you can do. And ambition is usually – and maybe for you and me, maybe for our families – it’s different.”

But there are so many girls in the globe, Priyanka continued. I’m from a little town. So many of my friends got married in their early 20s and weren’t encouraged to further their aspirations or jobs in the workplace. They currently have children that are around 16 and 17 and it’s all right. There is nothing wrong with wanting to be at home with your family and take care of them. I adore performing that. One of my fave things is it. She then includes an important addition for her that isn’t an amendment.

“I believe that inspiring females to dream big is essential. to be allowed to pursue their goals without creating a glass ceiling. That wasn’t how my folks treated me. You and I are present for that reason. because we were raised by supportive parents who did not treat us differently than our brothers. Who said, “You have a dream, and we are here with you.”

Priyanka is last seen in the Hollywood film Love Again and is now working on her next with Idris Elba and John Cena. She was absolutely stunning when she was recently seen at Met Gala 2023 with singer-husband Nick Jonas.

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