Prashant Kishor Announces His Future Plans

prashant kishor future plans
Political strategist Prashant Kishor addressing a press meet in Patna on Thursday. PTI

Prashant Kishor announces his future plans and declared his retirement from political management recently. He announced that he will go for “Padayatra” on Thursday. He would walk for over 3000km in Bihar starting from October.

3000kms Padayatra

Prashanth Kishore hails from Buxar district, South Bihar. In a press meet held at Bihar on Thursday he announced that he will reach out to people of Bihar through the 3000km padayatra. But he ruled out to launch any political party as of now. Moreover, he will not form alliance with any other party.

His plan about the walk

“I’ve come to stay in Bihar with all my commitment, sincerity and integrity. In next 3-4 months time I’ll be meeting about 17-18 thousand people who really want to change Bihar. I will discuss with them about my thoughts over Jan Suraj .

Dates of his walk/padayatra

There after, from October 2 I’ll also begin padayatra of around 3,000 kilometers from West Champaran. For 8-12 months I will meet people of Bihar for a collective effort and thought to bring change in Bihar”, Mr. Kishor said.

No political party

And, then after, if they decide to form a political party or forum. However, Prashant Kishor will be one of the member of that party or forum,” he added, “but as of now, I’m not going to launch any political party”.

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Addressed Press meet

For some reason, after his talks failed with Congress, Mr. Kishor came to Bihar. He addressed the press meet at Patna’s Gyan Bhawan. It is said that Mr. Kishore visited nearly 150 people to know their views on “changes in Bihar and Jan Suraj”.

Bihar-a poor state

He added “For last three decades, Bihar has been governed either by Lalu Prasad or Nitish Kumar as Chief Minister. Some say, in the first 15 years, a section of people got voice in the State.

Meanwhile, in the second phase of 15 years, some development took place in the State. There may be some truth in their claim but still Bihar is the most backward and poor State in the country…at the bottom of development index.

Big leaders of Bihar

He jested,both are big leaders of the country and why should they give any importance to me? My personal relationship with Nitish Kumar is very good. However, that doesn’t mean that we should always work together, make our political journey together. I was with Nitish Kumar in his party JD(U).

But, on the issues of CAA [Citizen Amendment Act] and NRC [National Register for Citizens] I was thrown out of the party. It was his [Mr. Kumar’s] decision and it was his party”.

Interest of the society

He continued, “But, now leaving everything behind, I’ve come here to say that I would stay in Bihar, to struggle in Bihar and to start something for change in Bihar. Though it’s difficult, it is in interest of society.


“My company I-PAC is in good hands and there are more competent people than me to run the company,” he added.

“To those who have doubt over my conduct, intention or capability for doing so, I’ve to say to please give me some time to prove myself,” Mr. Kishore said.

Prashant Kishor is In no hurry

Contrary to the suppositions of political world, Mr. Kishor is in no hurry to join active politics but rather follow Mahatma Gandhi’s path. The announced 3000km Padayatra will start from West Champaran. This is the famous place where Mahatma Gandhi started “Satyagraha” in 1917. It is to be noted that the launch date of Padayatra is on October 2nd.

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