Newsroom or Courtroom: Employee criticism and resignations on Republic‌ TV

republic TV

Republic TV and Arnab Goswami are analogous. As known to everyone, the channel has been trying very hard to earn TRP’s by hook or crook – the main catalyst being Arnab. In spite of the criticism he faces for the way he has degraded the ethics of journalism, he hasn’t changed his ways.

The death of SSR came as a blessing in disguise for the channel and they have grabbed this opportunity to increase their TRP’s, compete with other national channels, also make their masters glad, (who belong to the present ruling party reportedly) and also campaign for the BJP for the coming elections by giving a tainted picture of the other political parties in the country.

Arnab has a good number of fans following but now after the media trial has been taken up by the channel arguing that Sushant’s death was not a natural death, fans stand divided. A section of the media critics says that Republic‌ TV is making serious efforts to portray Rhea guilty.

The channel has been campaigning against Rhea for the past few days. At the same time, all the Bollywood celebrities became addicted to drugs. Republic‌ TV has gone to heights of advertising that they had links to drugs‌ and the mafia.

There is a talk that Republic TV is targeting Rhea, with subject to politics. That is why many Republic TV employees are ready to resign. The outrage in Republic‌ TV is outraged that TV ownership is undermining journalism without adhering to values.

Tejinder Singh Sodhi resigned and then took to twitter to announce his resignation as Republic TV’s bureau chief in Jammu and Kashmir. He said that he regrets for killing the soul of journalism for three and half years, hence has finally resigned from Republic TV.

He said that it was a “horrid experience working for Republic TV, where he was working as a hit man instead of a journalist.

The next one to go was, Shanta shree Sarkar, a lady journalist from Republic TV. She announced on Twitter that she was resigning from her Republic TV job.

She is on notice period now. She said she resigned because she did not like the Republican TV agenda against Rhea. Many others seem to be on the way of quitting Republic TV.

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