Nashik: Villagers descend into 70ft well to fetch water, Viral video

Image: Screengrab from ANI twitter post

Maharashtra: In a shocking video, the villagers of Peth in Maharashtra’s Nashik descend into a 70-foot well to fetch water amidst the water crisis in the area. The video is now going viral all over the media and netizens responded positively and suggested government to help them.

The water problems in Nashik and Peth in Maharashtra are getting worse as the temperature raises.

According to the video released by ANI, the women were seen walking down all the way to collect from the well. The women were risking their life by descending the well without any ropes.

This is a dangerous activity that requires immense skill and caution since a single error could lead to a fatal fall.

Villagers descend a 70ft wall to fetch water:

As water shortage worsens, women in a village in Peth in Maharashtra’s Nashik descend into a well to fetch water amid sweltering heat, ANI tweeted.

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