Nalini Sriharan, Rajiv Gandhi’s convict released after 31 years, lawyer claims compensation

nalini srihran
Nalini walks out of the jail in Vellore on Thursday. Source: PTI

Nalini Sriharan, one of the convicts in the Rajiv Gandhi assassination case is released from the jail after 31 years.

She was 21 years when she was arrested in fact pregnant at that time. Neither her family nor she had any contacts with the terrorists organizations or political background. But her husband, Murunga was connected indirectly with the LTTE, which conspired to kill Rajiv Gandhi, the former PM.

When Nalini Sriharan was in prison

Nalini gave birth to a daughter in the prison. Later the girl was taken away from the prison. Later on, reports said that Nalini’s daughter was pursuing her education in London. However, it is still oblivious as to who has sponsored the girl’s education.

Nalini had made several pleas to the government all through these years but all went futile. According to the law in the State of Tamil Nadu, no convict will serve their punishment for more than 20 years. Hence, in the year 2018, then government passed a bill to free her. However, it had to be passed by the Governor of the state, which didn’t happen then.

According to NDTV, all the formalities were completed and Nalini Sriharan was released from the prison today. Speaking to the media, the lawyer of the convict Nalini said, ‘since, all the formalities were completed in 2018, but the delay was because of the irresponsible behavior of the? Governor of the state, the convicts should be compensated.’

In addition to that he said that as the rule of the law says, that no one can be imprisoned for more than 20 years, they should be compensated.

He reminded that Nalini couldn’t attend the marriage of her daughter as she was not given permission from the authorities. He also added that it is really bad that the government did not allow her to talk to her daughter online or watch the wedding on video.

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