Man develops alcohol allergy, doctor advise to change brand

Images: Vertava Health Mississippi

A 36-year-old businessman from Agra tested positive to alcohol allergy and doctor advised him to properly dilute alcohol before drinking or to change brand.

The patient began describing symptoms such as flushing and redness of the face, rashes all over the body, heaviness in the head and chest, a dry cough, and giddiness a few months ago after attending a gala celebration in Agra. Later, he was taken to a private hospital’s neighborhood emergency department, where he was stabilized and released.

According to Telangana Today, at Hyderabad’s Aswini Allergy Centre, the patient performed an Alcohol Oral Challenge Test and revealed a positive result for alcohol allergy. Along with 80 additional typical allergens, Dr. Nageshwar and his team performed a modified skin prick test for allergens.

Surprisingly not only patient exhibited high blood histamine levels but is also highly sensitive to groundnuts, masala antigens, chicken, mutton, home dust mites, and mosquitoes, according to the test findings. His computerized Lung Function Test (LFT) revealed asthmatic alterations, and he was also experiencing allergic urticaria and undetected asthma, the doctor claimed.

He was advised that along with taking an antihistamine tablet 30 minutes before consuming alcohol, the patient was recommended to avoid alcohol brands that were packed with cork-based closing lids to prevent the worsening of symptoms. He was also advised to avoid the brand of alcohol to which he was allergic, dilute the alcohol before drinking, and avoid high-histamine foods and snacks while drinking.

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