Kolkata Flyover Transformation in UP under Yogi

kolkata flyover

The Uttar Pradesh government published an advertisement about the development done by Yogi’s government on Sunday. This advertisement received backlash on social media as the picture of the Kolkata Flyover was used in it.

The picture which appeared in one of the newspapers, ‘The Indian Express’, is a photo of a Kolkata flyover in one of its advertisement went viral.

Surprisingly, the advertisement titled, “Transforming Uttar Pradesh under Adityanath” published in The Indian Express showed Chief Minister standing high. He stood high over a collage of what was depicted as the infrastructure projects in Uttar Pradesh.

In the collage, apart from other infrastructure projects, the Kolkata Flyover was depicted in it. After that, Indian Express has expressed its apology for the error committed.

However, Indian Express issued an apology, “A wrong image was inadvertently, included in the cover collage of the advertorial on UP produced by the marketing department of the newspaper. The error is deeply regretted and the image has been removed in all digital editions of the paper.”

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