India -The largest democracy in the world has various political systems. Know more

india political parties

India, the largest democracy in the world, is run by different political parties and has various types of political systems in it. It is also the highest populated country in the world. The world of Power, Money, casteism, and religion play a pivotal part in the emergence of various political systems in India.

Firstly, caste-based politics is very rampant in India. The politicians influence the voters based on caste and religion. The politicians stoop down to any extent as their sole purpose is only to win the elections.

Consequently, this has led to opportunist politics. All the parties sail in the same boat regarding this type of politics. Political parties join together despite huge differences between them. It is the vice-versa too. Their only concern is to come into power and not the development of the people. The politicians of all the parties are alike. They never leave an opportunity and never leave a stone unturned to gain power.

Politics based on religion has become the trend now. It is a known fact that the BJP government wants to turn India into a Hindutva country; the people of other religions are troubled and tortured. They outrightly ask the voters to vote for or against the name of the religion. However, all the parties have their ways and means to do the same.

Dynasty Politics is and was the kind of politics for ages. Congress has been in the hands of the Gandhi-Nehru family soon after Independence. However, the Modi-led BJP government gained votes by speaking about dynasty politics. On the contrary, even the present government, which criticized dynasty politics, has been doing the same.

The most recent kind of politics is the development-based one. In this type of politics, each one campaigns and boasts about development under the leadership of their representatives. Nevertheless, development politics can be beneficial to the people of the country. as the parties keep challenging themselves about their development which would be favourable to the people.

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