A Bridge on Bhogavo River collapsed in Surendranagar district, Gujarat

gujarat bridge collapsed

On Sunday evening, an old bridge on the Bhogavo River collapsed in Surendranagar district, Gujarat. Four people were rescued and 6 people are missing.

The collapsed bridge connects the National Highway to Chuda in Surendra Nagar district, Gujarat. According to the officials, the incident happened when a dumper truck tried to cross the bridge. Immediately, the heavy vehicles were restricted from crossing the bridge. When the bridge collapsed, a truck and a bike were on the bridge, which resulted in killing 10 people. However, six people drowned, and six of them were rescued. Six people are still missing.

The injured were shifted to a nearby hospital. Later on, the traffic had to be diverted from the other side of the dam in the Bhogavo river. The Roads and Housing Department is going to undertake restoration works, the official said.


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