Amazon Layoffs: Around 2,000 employees set for walkout against work from office

amazon layoffs employees walkout
Image: The Economic Times

Nearly 2000 Amazon employees walkout against overwork from office rules and job cuts. Now some Amazon workers have announced plans to walk off the job next week.

Amazon asks the employees to return to office policy from 1st May. The employees were asked to come to the office at least three days per week. The E-commerce giant has also laid off 27,000 employees in two job cut announcements.

Why are Amazon workers walking out?

A group of Amazon employees have decided to show protest against mass layoffs, work-from-office mandate and the company’s environmental impact. Nearly 2,000 Amazon employees are slated to stage a walkout.

According to Telangana today, more than 1,800 employees had pledged to walk out around the world, with about 870 in Seattle. Amazon Employees for Climate Justice (AECJ) and Amazon’s Remote Advocacy community leaders said.

They also added, “  Employees need a say in decisions that affect our lives such as the return-to-work mandate, and how our work is being used to accelerate the climate crisis.”

Nearly 2,000 Amazon employees set for walkout

Why is Amazon firing employees in 2023?

The layoff at Amazon is far from over, as the company released another 9,000 employees in March. Since the beginning of 2023, the company has fired over 27,000 employees, citing tough economic conditions. There could be more layoffs in the month to come.