Actor John Abraham turns Doctor, explains Heart Attack. Twitterati ROFL

john abraham

Actor John Abraham explains Heart Attack during his appearance in the Kapil Sharma show recently, leaves twitterati ROFL. Maybe he thought that he could speak anything since it was a comedy show.

He spoke about how people get an heart attack and the reasons behind it. Poor John had to come out of the situation in which he never thought of, hence, said some gibberish to come out of the situation.

However, he made the twittereti laugh and troll him for the explanation he gave. The best part of the conversation was that he was very confident while giving the explanation.

This video clip has gone viral now. It is obvious that he was talking rubbish. Even the doctors are amazed about his theory.

Hear the 15 -second video to know the reasons for an heart attack and also know that it is the most ridiculous thing on internet now.