Telangana leaders loves “Balagam” and netizens are loving their creativity

telangana leaders balagam
Image source: Telangana Today

Telangana leaders and their fans are being creative these days when it comes to connecting with people and netizens with Balagam movie posters and flex banners.

Balagam movie is a big hit and when something is trending politicians do their best to grab opportunity to stay in the minds of the people.

As we all know Balagam means strength in Telangana. Leaders from Telangana are using Balagam theme and making posters and flex banners. All posters and banners says the “people are their Balagam”.

Politicians on the other hand are appreciating the creativity and claim that their fans are creating this posters and banners out of love. They also do this because they know that we always believed that the people of their constituency is their strength.

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