Remembering Dr. B R Ambedkar on his 129th Birth Anniversary

b r ambedkar

Dr. B R Ambedkar wrote the Indian Constitution to uplift the backward classes and give them a respectable place in the society as they were denied this respect since ages.

Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar in School

Untouchability in India spread its pangs to the remotest places in India. When Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar was a student and a novice to his career, he experienced lots of social inequality. He was a Shudra, an untouchable.

When he went to school, he had to wait for the attender to give him some water. Dr. Ambedkar couldn’t drink water whenever he wanted. He was never treated equally as the upper cast townsfolk. His peers did not respect him as he was an untouchable. All this happened in the Pre-Independent India.

The society did not respect the Untouchables or Shudras then. The picture now is very different from then. Now people can do anything irrespective of caste, creed, race or gender.

Drafting the Constitution

drafting the constitution, Dr. B R Ambedkar wrote many articles and laws to uplift the suppressed classes. The earlier constitution was written in favor or convenience of the British. He wrote the Indian Constitution to uplift the backward classes and give them a respectable place in the society as they were denied this respect since ages.

All this is being misused and misinterpreted by the politicians for their vote bank and selfish motives. He worked for the upliftment of the downtrodden but never wanted them to be given special treatment as it is being given now. He worked hard and got himself educated in spite of the hardships and the ill treatment he faced.

Dr. Ambedkar wanted the so called untouchables to get educated to grow in life. Unfortunately, the reservation system is brought. People who come under reservation categories use it as a wild card entry to get their own benefits.

Present day example

Recently, the JEE exam is the best example of the misuse of the reservations. Students who have secured low cut off marks are eligible for the seats in the best colleges. Ridiculously, students who score high marks are deprived of their seats as they fall into upper general caste.

Furthermore, the fee structure is minimal for the BC and the SC and ST pay nothing for their education. This doesn’t mean to degrade the students who fall into the reservation categories, but the present youth should think if this is for the welfare of the country.

Youth of this country

The youth of this country should deny reservations and try to earn opportunities by proving their talent. If the education is base on the reservation system then talented engineer and MBBS aspirants may not enter the institutions.
In India people do not cast their vote, but they vote their caste. The caste of the person is more important.

Dr. Ambedkar’s dream

B R Ambedkar dreamt of a country where there would be social equality and wanted the reservations to vanish in India after a period of 10 years after Independence. Sadly, nothing of this sort happened. Politicians highlight reservations and caste for their selfish motives.

one thing everyone should understand that India will grow only when reservations are stopped and talent is given importance.

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